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Lg washer and dryer reviews

Lg washer and dryer reviews - One of the downsides of living in an apartment or small space is the lack of laundry facilities at home. Standard size washer and dryer units each take a good amount of space. The result of which is that for many apartment dwellers, paying weekly for laundering or taking their clothes to the washeteria is the only, and expensive option.

A convenient solution to this problem is a washer/dryer combo unit. With the advent of the front load models, combination units were also designed that would eliminate the need for dual units. One of the most popular models of this type of unit is the LG 27" Front Load Washer/Dryer Combo unit.

The manufacturer of this product, LG, is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of laundry appliances. Buyers of LG enjoy the reliability and longevity of the products as well as their efficiency. LG has recently entered the combo unit market and one of the leading products is the 27" combination unit.

While washer and dryer combination units that stack one on top of each other have been available for years, the all-in-one model is a recent innovation. One of the downsides to the dual combination units is that both the units typically have a smaller capacity and while the stackable unit has a smaller footprint than a standard size unit, they still have to be vented to the outside. This can often make the purchase of a washer or dryer in an apartment or small home rental unfeasible as the renter does not have the ability to make structural changes to the property.

Both of these problems are eliminated with the LG front load  unit. The unit takes a mere 27" footprint. Capacity is not comprised as the unit has a 4.2 cubit feet for clothes. The combination unit boasts many of the same efficiency features that the standard size front load machines have including requiring less electricity and using much less water.

With a combination front load unit, one machine will take the clothes through both the washing and drying cycle. While each cycle takes longer than a standard unit would take, the real plus to a combination unit is that clothes are not required to be transferred from one machine to another. Just put the clothes in the machine, turn it on, and come back a few hours later to fully washed and dried clothes.

Whether you are in an apartment and short on space or simply need the time saving features of a washer and dryer combo unit, the 27" LG front load washer and dryer is a good choice. The reliability of the LG brand and the fully featured machine with multiple washing and temperature settings make this model a widespread favorite.